Pastor Martin Tombe, [Pastor of: Restored Bible Truth Assembly.]

Brother Martin accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour on the 17TH Day of November 1973. On the evening of 28th of November 1973, Bro. Martin gladly and joyfully received his personal Pentecostal experience, that is, The Baptism of the Holy Ghost. All this took place in Kampala, Uganda.

About June, 1976, The Lord sent The End Time Message across his path. God gave him grace to recognize, accept and receive it. Bro. Martin was re-baptized unto the true and only Biblical Christian baptism immediately.

Bro. Martin Tombe had ministered extensively in Uganda and Kenya before migrating to Canada. Pastor Martin is married and a father of 2 daughters and three sons.

Bro. Martin’s greatest message to all who care about their souls is: “It is great to know your Creator and Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ, not by the knowledge of the letter, but by personal revelation.”


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