63-0901M – Token: [Rev. William Marrion Branham]

  1. ... If I had the power this morning, with words, to express and place into your soul that’s on the in; not your ears, but your soul, and you could see the guarantee of It. It makes you so relaxed.
  2. What if you were, had committed a crime, and you were going to be tried in a federal court. And you know, that if they found you guilty, that you were going to die, you were going to an electric chair, or the gas chamber, or whatever public execution they were going to have for you, maybe hung, or something, lynched, whatever the penalty was. And you know that you were guilty. You know you were guilty, and you must die if you don’t get some attorney to represent you, that who can get you out of the thing. And now you would want the best attorney that you could have.
  3. And then getting an attorney that was a good, shrewd attorney, you would feel that your case was a little…you could relax a little bit, because you had an attorney.

But still there would be a question whether this attorney could change the judge’s idea, or change the jury; if this attorney, with his shrewd speaking and the knowing of the laws, could change that, and could plead your case and prove that you should live. But yet, in all of his great authority and the great speech that he could make, and the impression he could put upon the jury or have with the judge, you’d…Maybe you might get a relaxed for a few minutes, but still there would be a question in your mind, Can he do it?

  1. But in this case, the Judge Himself becomes our Attorney. God became man. There was no attorney could do it. We couldn’t find one. Moses, and the Law, the prophets, nothing could do it.

So, the Judge become both Jury, Attorney, and Judge, Himself; and took the justice of His Law in His Own hands, and paid the price of it, Himself. How much more secure could we be? And sent His Own Life back upon us, as a witness that He has accepted it. How safely!

112 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I’ll fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

113 When He becomes both Judge, Jury, and Attorney, He pleaded our case. We, found guilty by His Own Law; and He come and took the guilty person’s place, that was in the sanctuary. He took his sin. He took it upon Himself, and died, and paid the price, and shed His Blood, and give back His Own Token, His Own Life.

114 Why, we are perfectly. The case is dismissed. There is no more sin to the believer. O God, have mercy, if the people can’t see that, that there is no more case.

He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life, and shall not come to the Judgment, but has passed from death unto Life.”

There is the case. Case dismissed! No more case to it. Amen! Then safely, safely with the Token applied, when death begins to smite against the door out there, it has no control. See? Yes.


57-0303E - What Think Ye Of Christ? [Rev. William Marrion Branham]

  1. Now, if it is written on little paper, or whatever it is, doesn’t means so much, but it’s the message that it bears. And it’s a pardon for sin.

It’s a healing for sickness; it’s a remedy for worry. Oh, it holds and gives everything you need in this journey, and everything that you will need in the great beyond hereafter. All lays in what you think about Christ tonight. Now, a pardon is not a pardon unless it is accepted as a pardon.

I read an article some time ago, where that there was a man in the eastern country. It’s been many years ago since the incident happened, but the man was guilty and was sentenced to die under a firing squad.

And some good person went to work, and worked around the governor of the state, until finally they persuaded the governor to spare the life of the person. And when the guilty person who was really guilty was set free, to get another chance to bring himself up and to make a citizen… When the man come with the pardon, the man who was to die refused to receive it. He did not want it, yet the governor had his name signed, “pardon.”

  1. What made the difference was the governor’s name and pardon.” It spelled pardon to the man if he wanted to receive it.

But if he did not want to receive it, he had to pay the penalty. And the man refused it and said, “I do not believe it. I will not accept it.” And the man was shot the following day.

Then this pardon goes back to the governor. And he had pardoned the man, yet he was a corpse. Then it was tried in the Supreme Court of the land, and it was declared that a pardon is not a pardon, unless it is accepted.

And salvation through Jesus Christ is not salvation unless it is accepted as salvation. Oh, if the world could only look on God’s great promises and believe them that they are God’s pardon to the human race


  • Salvation would be yours now instead living in bondage of sin
  • Healing would be yours all the time instead of bondage of sickness
  • Deliverance would be yours instead of demonic bondage
  • Victorious living would be yours daily, instead of life of defeat’ and unending ordeal.
  • Abundant life would be yours instead of oppressive poverty
  • Success would be your harvest instead of disappointing failure
  • Peace would be yours instead of sorrow and despair.
    Conquerors would we always be; instead of being demonic prisoners.
  • Living in heavenly places would be the order of the day, instead of struggling in the shadow of the valley of death


Pastor Martin Tombe:

Restored Bible Truth Assembly.