The Prophet Messenger to Laodicea, Brother Branham defines a miracle in this manner:


“E-20 ... "Brethren, we can rest assure that the Man that we're following is not a fake. Today when I stood over His shoulder and watched Him take those little fishes and break them in two, and watch, no sooner than He broke, there come another part of a cooked fish out. And I see Him take that bread, and break that bread, and hand to the brethren. Every time He broke a piece of bread off, no sooner than His hand left, there was another piece of bread there.

I want to ask you, what kind of an atom did He turn loose? Not wheat, bread already baked. It bypassed the oven, like He did His first miracle in Canaan. That water would've eventually become wine, it went up through the vines into the grape, crushed out, become wine. But He bypassed all of that; He was a Creator Himself. So in the great resurrection He will bypass papa, mama give birth to this. He will speak and we'll come from the dust, like He did Lazarus.” END OF QUOTE

This was one of the great miracles Jesus did in His 3 ½ year ministry as The Son of Man. Other Miracles include raising up a man who was dead for four days and was stinking because corruption had set into his corpse. One would also say that the deliverance of The Demoniac of Gadara was another great miracle. A man who had gone insane, totally out of his mind, out of his home, out of control by man, by chains, by medicine! But one moment with Jesus Christ, changed him back, from all of that to a sober saint and a normal husband, father and human being.

The same God in Christ Jesus suspended his law of gravity and held up waters of a flowing river and made a dry highway for men on path of duty. He did it threeice on the Jordan River. Once for Elijah; once for Elisha, and once for Joshua and the Children of Israel.

He also did it for Moses at THE Red Sea during the Exodus. I am sure these would be what we consider great Miracles. But listen to what The Prophet Messenger to Laodicea said:


162 Anything that's uncertain is unreliable. And so when days of this time, when they're not certain whether Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, leave the thing alone.

You can be certain. You can know it to be, that He'd, if He never performs any more miracle on you but the great miracle, forgives your sin. That's the greatest miracle that God ever performed, was to forgive a human being its sin. Take a man and convert him from the things, look, that's changed his innermost being from the things that he once drank and gambled, and done evil and things like that, and, all of a sudden, turns him right back around to love, and goes home to his wife, and say, "Honey, I'm sorry that I've treated you like that." Pick up his little children and hold them in the arm, "Daddy spent all of his money for whiskey, and daddy's done this. And mother's been out all night long and left you children. I'll never do it again. God forgive me." And how, that testimony, that's one of the greatest things there is. All the Alcoholics Anonymous, and all like that, can never change like that can. They can never do for the person.

What do we do in return and appreciation of God’s greatest miracle to us? Forgive them that has trespassed against us.


“Blessed [are] the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

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