A mother is not only the person who gave birth to you, but a person who makes every journey with you by her side.
A mother is not only someone who gave you life, but a woman who shared every step you took along the way.

A mother may not agree with the steps you want to take, but she is still your mother.
A mother is someone who shares your disappointment with you and also make you feel that you are not a failure.
A mother always pick up the pieces when someone breaks your heart, but she never say" I told you so".
A mother is someone who is your first teacher, but it does not mean you will learn everything quickly.
A mother is the one who gives you advice everyday but, it does not mean all advice is taken. Sometimes you want to be picky about which advice is good for you.

A mother is someone you share your sorrow with but, her encouraging words quickly brighten your face with a smile

A mother is someone who saw you fall many times but, did not laugh at you, but simply dusted of the debris from your bruises.

A mother is the one who visited many hospitals with you when you weresick, and She was there when you were dying but did not leave you to die.

A mother prays everyday for you so that you are okay and safe
A mother is someone who you have disappointed, but she did not stop telling you the truth
A mother is someone who you have cried to when your heart was broken, but she wiped away your tears
A mother is someone who you disagreed with, but not for long because you realized she knows what is best for you.
A mother is someone who you talk to, but don't always listen to.
A mother is someone who you wander away from, but never go away too far.
A mother is someone you love but sometimes fear to go to when you realize she was right about certain things.
Just because we don't see eye to eye on certain issues does not mean I don't love you as my mom
Just because I don't acknowledge your remarks does not mean you are not special to me. You are still my mother.
Although I am stubborn sometime does not mean you are someone else's mother. You are the only one who understands me when nobody else does.
We may have mishaps or even arguments, but hey! every mother goes through that with their children.
What I want to do may not make sense but you are still the only mother I know to come to for love, support and the advice

A mother is not just any woman but someone equipped with knowledge, wisdom and love for her family

A mother is not a woman who threw you away in the dump but a woman who dedicated her life to bring you up.

I could not have asked for a better mother then you and God knows you are the best of the best for me.
To me a mother is not the person who carried me for nine month, but the one who saw me through every journey.

M - memories you share with us each day

O - organizing surprise birthday parties for us

T - thoughtful deeds and special delicious meals

H - hugging and hoping for the best for us

E - excellent accomplishments which makes you proud

R - results that finally came with all of your sacrifices you made.

Dedicated most especially to my mom and all Mothers


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